Our Learning Model

EBIA is a rigorous STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) school with a unique focus on the social and emotional skills students need to be leaders. Students learn to be problem solvers and strong advocates who work together and take responsibility for their own learning.

Students work together on long-term, “real-world” projects that combine many different subjects, and learn to present those projects using technology.

Students alternate between different learning models, including online learning, and in later grades will be self-guided.

  We make and do things!  EBIA is a safe place for students to explore their interests and learn the life lessons taught through practice and experimentation.

Additional Program Components

Service Learning

In order to teach our core value of giving back to the community and to provide real-world experiences, students do service projects to contribute to and improve their community.

Personalized Learning + Advisory

Every EBIA family is matched with a school advisor, who will stay with the family throughout their years at EBIA. Advisors meet with families regularly to map out personal academic, social-emotional, and career goals for each student.

Community-based Focus

Students at EBIA participate in 6 to 8 weeks of in-depth elective classes or internships with community organizations and local businesses.

Integrated Classrooms

Students of all demographic and educational backgrounds are provided with the same college preparatory courses, and all students will be prepared to enroll in college upon graduation.

High-Quality Professional Development

EBIA faculty are given enormous opportunity to grow as educators and develop new skills.

Data-Driven + Competency-Based Instruction

EBIA is a leader in collecting and analyzing data and using it to improve learning by working with teachers, students, school leaders and parents.