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EBIA Organizational News 9/30/14

The East Bay Innovation Academy Board of Directors would like to share some important organizational information with the EBIA community.

We are sad to announce Alex Harp’s resignation as EBIA’s Executive Director.  Serving in the role as the executive business leader of a non-profit corporation has taken Alex far from his passion and significant strengths; working in a deeply connected manner with students, their families, and the teachers. This was a hard decision for Alex to make, and won’t be an easy goodbye for EBIA students and staff. Alex was our founding Executive Director, and we will always be grateful for the contributions he made to launch EBIA’s program.

While discussing Alex’s transition out of the Executive Director position, the board had the realization that because the organization had come such a long way in terms of growth and implementation of our model, we had a rare opportunity to refocus and realign our management team to more deeply serve our students and community.

As a result, we have the following changes to announce:

  1. Devin Krugman, our current Director of Innovative Instruction will serve as the interim Head of School as well as continue to lead the delivery of our educational programs. Devin is the quiet genius who took the vision articulated in the petition and brought it to life with the team of amazing EBIA instructors that she leads. Devin is the master of data and coaching; watching her train and on-board our teaching staff this summer was nothing short of amazing. Devin comes to us from the New York City Department of Education where in her last position she served as the Director of Performance Based Assessment Design for all New York City public schools.


  1. EBIA has created a new role, the Director of Equity & Socio-Emotional Learning. This role supports EBIA’s core beliefs of diversity, community and the greater good, to work with students as they deepen their sense of social justice and civic responsibility.  Specifically, the Director of Equity & Socio-Emotional Learning focuses on differentiated instruction, Advisory, Intersession, service learning, internships, clubs, and the daily ups and downs of learning in a rigorous academic environment.


  1. To launch the Director of Equity & Socio-Emotional Learning position quickly, we have placed an interim leader in this position. Dave Philhower is a highly regarded leader in the national project based learning arena, who has been charged with building the foundation for this work going forward. Dave brings 15 years of urban teaching, leadership and instructional coaching to EBIA. Hailing from Washington DC, he has served as a founding charter school principal responsible for the implementation of an urban project based learning school, as a Director of Student Services, and a founding charter school teacher. Dave is an expert in service provision for both Special Education and English Language Learners and currently serves on the National Faculty of the Buck Institute for Education, an internationally known organization that supports and promotes project based learning. You will likely see Dave roaming the halls in the relatively near future – he’s very friendly so please feel free to stop him and introduce yourself.

So – true to our name, EBIA continues to innovate and move its model forward. As you know, we have a strong and expert teaching team, and we are excited to see each team member grow and evolve, as the organization goes through this transformation. The EBIA team has developed detailed plans to ensure operational continuity, and as such, we don’t expect any disruption in the day to day experiences of our students and staff.

Alex will be in and out of the office this week as he works to transition his responsibilities and to say farewell to the EBIA family. His last formal day in the office will be this Friday, October 3. We wish the best for Alex and his family, and look forward to supporting Alex and maintaining an on-going connection with him, as he continues on his personal and professional journey.

In closing, EBIA’s focus and program will continue as it always has with an unwavering commitment to deliver on our mission. We look forward to your support, your partnership on this innovative journey we are on together, and hope you will come forward with any questions.

2015/16 Enrollment Information and Tours

We have several chances to learn more about the school at our campus – 3400 Malcolm Ave, Oakland 94605.

School Tours

Friday 1/9 at 1pm

Tuesdays 1/27, 2/3 and 2/10 at 9:30am

Information Nights

Thursday at 7pm on 11/13, 1/15 and 2/5

No reservations required. Spanish Translation available. Children welcome.

Board Meeting – Wednesday April 9th, 8-9:30 pm at Park Presbyterian


  1. 1.     Preliminary – Open Session
    1. Call to Order
    2. Roll Call to Establish Quorum
Board Member Name Present Absent
Amber Banks
Rochelle Benning
Laurie Jacobson Jones
Kimberly Smith
Tali Levy


  1. 2.     Action Items for the Organizational Meeting of the Board
    1. Approve meeting minutes – Tali
    2. Board Insurance – Laurie
    3. EBIA Insurance Update- Laurie
    4. EBIA Timeline/Key Dates- Laurie


  1. 3.     Additional Items
    1. Enrollment Update (Laurie)
    2. Facility Update (Shelley)
    3. ED Onboarding Plan (Laurie/Shelley/Alex)
    4. Hiring Plan and proposed Hiring Committee (Laurie/Alex)
    5. Systems Update – Illuminate Contract (Laurie)
    6. Insurance Discussion – Joining the California Charter Schools JPA (Laurie)
    7. Board expansion – Nominations committee (Laurie)
    8. Board Meeting Schedule 2014
  • Upcoming: May 21st, June 18th
  • Proposed: July 23rd, August 13th, September 17th, October 8th, November 12th, December 10th


  1.  Public Comment: Non-agenda items: No individual presentation shall be for more than 3 minutes and the total time for this purpose shall not exceed thirty (30) minutes.  Ordinarily, Board members will not respond to presentations and no action can be taken.




Meet our Executive Director, Alex Harp

After an extensive search and consideration of nearly 50 candidates, and in partnership with a panel of EBIA parents from across Oakland, the EBIA Board of Directors has selected an innovative and highly seasoned school leader, whom we believe is the absolute best person to build and lead the team that will bring the vision of EBIA to reality. Check out Alex’s bio here.